Want to volunteer in the second round?

With your action helps to multiply the environmental values ​​in your community.

Volunteering in the second round has an important educational value because we work with environmental awareness. Raise awareness of reusing objects and make responsible consumption. Doing voluntary work and learn new ways to acquire new skills.

For the operation of the second round volunteering is a key, both for specific tasks and for decisions. We integrate volunteerism into the daily entity, offering support in the collection and selection of objects, in store, workshops and conducting courses and other public activities.

Some departments offer support and work where you are:

  • communication: written by blog, photography, etc.

  • Robs shop: sewing, order, creating new pieces (bosses, purses, toys, cortines, etc. ).

  • Workshop electrical / electromechanical: cleaning up, repair.

  • Workshop furniture: cleaning up, repair, restoration, transformation.

  • Shop Management: Customer service, design / enabling new spaces.

  • Collecting items (goods, appliances, furniture, etc.): load, download, selection and cleaning

  • Coffee Corner: Customer service, order, serve customers, etc.

  • Making courses: depending on your skills (Some ideas are repair shops in different areas, furniture construction, recycling workshops or toys)

  • Organizing public activities: exchange markets, conference topics, talks, etc.

If you live in one of the villages in Terres de l'Ebre, can an intermediary in collecting clothes and objects, and / or make speeches awareness.

For more information and / or other inquiries please contact with us.