Organize flea markets, crafts and antiques

 where you can sell items that you no longer use or that you have made yourself.

Come ride your stop and get another chance at all that you no longer use!


Rules of procedure

  • To attend the market it is necessary to reserve your place in advance. Reservations can only be made on the day of the market in case of remaining vacancies to fill.

  • Reservations are made by phone, in person or by any other means available to the organization of its users.

  • Places is the name of the 16 size of each square are 2 X 1 m, with 0,5 m between seats.

  • Places will be given by order of registration and so correlative to complete the total number.

  • Only be booked up to 2 places per paradista.

  • The price of each square is 6 € and it includes municipal taxes.

  • The booking amount will be paid no later than the day the market when can collect the number of square store the runoff.

  • The door should stall the table and / or material they deem appropriate to set your stop; can occupy only the surface corresponding to the number of seats reserved. In any case respect the spaces between places so that there can stall travel.

  • The schedule will be the market 10:00 a 13:00h.

  • Paradisiacs undertake to notify the cancellation of their reservation in advance of the completion of the market.. In the case of not communicating the two consecutive, only able to attend the next market if there is any free place on the same day.

  • The organization no longer available to stall, in a visible place, containers for different waste. The stallholders must use them properly pledging to keep clean space market.

  • The organization reserves the right to cancel and interrupt the market, anytime, whenever it deems prudent or necessary.

  • The organization reserves the right of admission. Any incident or part of a stall that could jeopardize the peaceful coexistence, the organization will definitely come to an end its support to the market.

  • With the reservation and payment of the stall marketplace accepts and agrees to comply with these rules.